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HorseWise™ Safety Leg Bands (1PC)

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The number of horses and riders killed by car accidents have steadily risen year after year ... That can all change now by keeping yourself and your horse safe with these HorseWise™ Safety Bands! These Safety Leg Bands are the perfect gift for all types of people involved in equestrian who want to keep their beloved horses a little safer.


  • Keeps you and your companion safer during rides to reduce the risk of accidents by automobiles
  • Replaceable batteries are included!
  • Visible LED lights up to 1,000ft!


Length: 10.15" x 0.98" (26 x 2.5 cm)

Battery type: 2*CR2032


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Please allow from 2 to 4 weeks for delivery depending on your country. Orders often arrive faster than expected!

For the US, delivery time is 7-12 days
For Canada, expect 14-21 days
For Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, expect 10-21 days
For Australia, and New Zealand, expect 10-17 days
For most European countries (including UK), expect 14-21 days

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