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Makeup Beauty Sponge


Applying foundation was has never been easier now with the Makeup Beauty Sponge! Use the base of the sponge to quickly cover the easy areas of your face, and once it's time to get in the the nooks and crannies use the pointed end to get the same, beautiful layer! 


  • Gives you a flawless, even foundation every time you use it
  • Can be used for multiple cosmetics such as foundation, creams, powder, and glitter
  • Easy to wash, re-usable, and latex free for those with allergies

(Note: If used daily we recommend washing your sponge one a week with a light cleanser, baby soap, shampoo, etc. Rinse well and dry well.)


Brush Material: Sponge
Size: Height/2.36in, Diameter/1.57in
Sponge Color: Yellow, Pink, SkyBlue, Black, White, Khaki, Purple

Extremely high demand: expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 3 per person!


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