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Poptop Popcorn Maker

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Making your own delicious popcorn at home has never been easier! Now you can have up to 10 cups of your own cooked popcorn (5 tablespoons of kernels) in just minutes. You decide how much butter you want, seasoning, and the amount of popcorn and pop away! 


  • Save money by making your own popcorn instead of buying expensive brand name popcorn
  • You decide if you want butter or how much of it, the kind of seasoning you would like, and how much you would like to cook!
  • Already in the bowl so can eat out of it straight away and then fill up some more when you're ready!
  • Easy to clean and easy remove the Poptop Maker from the microwave without burning your fingers!


Material: Food Grade Silocone
Size: 11.4in x 9.8in x 5.9in



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