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The Magic Broom

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With this awesome new Magic Broom, you'll never have to use a messy dustpan and sweeper again! With is 3 rotation brushes it sweeps up any mess you can possibly think of on hard floors.. And the best part is, it take no electricity either! So not only do you get a beautifully clean floor within a fraction of the time it would take you to sweep, but you don't have to worry about loud vacuum noises either!


  • 3 rotating brushes that easily sweep up dirt into the Magic Dustpan
  • No batteries or electricity so no LOUD noise!
  • Collapsible handle so you can change the height of the broom at any time
  • Easily dispose of the dirt with no extra mess!


Dustpan Material: Plastic
Broom Head Material: Fiber
Broomstick Material: Stainless Steel



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